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Barley Grass Superfood Products

With these greens you can positively influence your inner and also outer well-being. 

Fibres Organic Barley Grass Powder


(€3.80* / 100 g)
Beauty Immune System Bundle


(€1.93* / 100 g)
Immune system Organic German Greens Mix


(€6.00* / 100 g)
Fibres Barley Grass Powder


(€1.30* / 100 g)
Health Give it a Try-all Bundle


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Healthy with barley grass from

If you've been around our site a bit, you've probably stumbled across barley grass at some point. This green all-rounder is a real superfood trend that won't stop anytime soon. That's because it contains many of the substances we need on a daily basis and is a super addition to any diet. 

Barley grass is bursting with vitamin C, vitamin B1, calcium, zinc and iron. It can even be grown on the windowsill itself! Because barley grass consists only of the seedlings of the barley plant, which have grown up to 10 centimeters. Do you not want to do the stress of cultivation, or you do not trust your green thumb, then you will find super barley grass products for every day!

What distinguishes barley grass powder and tabs?

The barley grass juice powder from in high quality is ideal as a natural dietary supplement and impresses with its variety of healthy nutrients. The finely ground plant substances contain valuable vitamins, proteins, minerals, trace elements and valuable antioxidants, as well as the important ingredient chlorophyll, the green blood of plants.

Finely ground barley grass powder is ideal for healthy and tasty use in shakes, green smoothies, juices or even yogurt and cereals. Optimal as an excellent nutrient supply for athletes or a conscious diet. The green power food can also be used, for example, for the production of herbal salt.

The barley grass is obtained from the cereal variety barley. For optimal nutrient content, the grass is harvested when it is still extremely small. The thus impressive spectrum of vital substances of barley grass has numerous positive effects on our organism.

Barley grass in various forms

Organic Barley Grass Powder

The classic is the barley grass powder. For this, the harvested stalks are gently dried to preserve all the ingredients. Then they are ground into powder and come to your home. Our BIO barley grass powder is grown, harvested and processed in Germany. You only have to dissolve it in water at home, or perhaps process it in a smoothie. 

Organic Barley Grass Tabs

If you are not so fond of the taste of barley grass, you can also try our BIO barley grass tablets. These are pressed from 100% powder. The tabs you can then simply swallow with water. Are also perfect for travel, or trips and are easier to transport than the powder. 

Golden Milk Set

Last but not least, we have a very special bundle for you. In our "Golden Milk Set" you will find 500g organic turmeric powder and 1kg organic barley grass powder. With this you can mix the traditional drink from India and the barley grass powder gives the whole thing another nutrient kick!

Healthy ingredients for your body

In today's world, the acid-base balance of humans is often unbalanced. We consume too many acidic foods and the alkaline balance in the form of fruits and vegetables is often strongly neglected. This leads to hyperacidity of the body, which is often the cause of many diseases of civilization. Consuming barley grass is intended to bring this imbalance back into balance so that the body is optimally equipped.

Especially the long transport routes of fruit and vegetables mean that the important vitamins and vital substances are often lost before they are consumed. Therefore, barley grass is a welcome alternative to artificially produced supplements to supply the body and organism naturally. In a balanced diet, the barley grass can be inserted perfectly to ensure an optimal supply of vital substances.

Barley grass and barley grass powder for intolerances

Research shows that barley grass powder is also suitable for people with grain and gluten intolerance. But why is this so? Barley is grain, but the barley grass is a pure plant. Therefore, it is lactose - and sugar-free. Compared to wheat grass, it is also gluten-free.

If you have a gluten intolerance, you can fully benefit from the effect of barley grass. There is no gluten in the barley grass leaves because this only develops with the blossomed barley. However, the barley grass is harvested before the stalks are divided.

Effect of barley grass for our well-being

The green barley grass powder contains a lot of chlorophyll, the pigment of plants. This stores the energy of the sun, stimulates blood formation and the cells are supplied with more oxygen. The minerals contained in barley grass are significant for cell structure and support the action of enzymes and vitamins in the body. The body needs enzymes because they act as catalysts for any metabolic processes in the body.

Vitamins are vital and enormously important for metabolism. Vitamin B12 contributes to normal energy metabolism and function of the nervous system. In addition, vitamin B12 helps reduce fatigue and tiredness.

Calcium contributes to normal muscle function and normal energy metabolism. Furthermore, calcium has a function in cell division and cell specialization. Trace elements such as selenium (contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and nails), chromium and silicon, which are important for strengthening metabolism, cell protection and thyroid gland, are contained in barley grass.

If one begins already in the morning on empty stomach with the barley grass, then one can start with full vigor into the day. The small afternoon low can be overcome with a shot likewise. In the evening, the resting process is supported and you can end the day balanced.

Barley grass is excellent for:

  • a shot in the morning in combination with fruit juice.
  • the special ingredient in a smoothie- here you should first start with little barley grass, because it has a special and very intense taste, which can be felt unusual at first. Make sure that the barley grass is always mixed with fruit juices or also, for example, a banana in the smoothie, so that the taste is not too penetrating
  • a topping on the salad 

Or get inspired by our barley grass recipes: