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Organic Coffee from Peru

Item number: SW10082.2
  • 250g Organic coffee from Peru (Chanchamayo coffee region)
  • In cooperation with the roastery Lloyd Kaffee
  • Whole bean coffee or espresso
  • This coffee will support another construction of a classroom on site

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250 g | €3.36 per 100 g

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Product information "Organic Coffee from Peru"

Buy the finest organic coffee online at

Who would not love it - the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. Coffee is the Germans' favorite beverage. If we look at numerous surveys, every German drinks even more coffee than mineral water. Even beer ranks far behind the delicious, caffeinated hot beverage.

Whether to wake up in the morning or as a source of energy in the afternoon - coffee has become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. It accompanies us through exhausting office or unit days and keeps us awake. So that you can always enjoy a first-class organic coffee, we at now have the finest organic coffee from Peru as a whole bean on offer. Choose either the regular coffee beans or the espresso beans and soon enjoy a delicious cup of the best coffee at home!

First-class organic coffee: grown and harvested in Peru organically, fairly and according to the highest quality criteria.

They grow in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon: the coffee bushes. They thrive in the shade of jungle giants and bear the aromatic fruits, which are picked by hand at the peak of their ripeness by the Peruvian-Swiss family business Tropical Mountain. The family business works under the best working conditions and with the purchase of the organic coffee, not only the coffee pickers are fairly compensated, but also the construction of local classrooms is supported. In addition, the use of fertilizers and pesticides is completely avoided in the production of the coffee.

The undergrowth of the rainforest was removed and replaced by coffee trees. Now, coffee trees of different varieties such as Caturra, Limani, Gran Columbia and Tipica grow here on 30 hectares, and recently also Geisha and Paccamare. Thus, the clearing of the rainforest is completely prevented and it is hoped that this will also provide significantly better protection against the coffee disease Roja.

Organic coffee from choose regular coffee beans or espresso beans

The organic coffee from Peru enjoys particularly high popularity. This is grown in the heart of the coffee region Chanchamayo, in the central Peruvian highlands and convinces with its mild, velvety taste. It has a full-bodied aroma and only a little acidity. Different, gentle roasts allow the distinction between normal coffee beans and espresso beans.

The regular coffee beans have a medium body and a chocolaty aroma. The espresso beans convince with their low acidity and full-bodied aroma. You can order both variants now at and enjoy them relaxed at home.


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Wenn Du Deinen Kaffee bereits gemahlen kaufst, ist er nicht mehr so frisch, wie wenn Du ihn selbst mahlst. Die Bohnen als Ganzes behalten ihr Aroma länger als gemahlener Kaffee. Das beste Kaffeeerlebnis hast Du, wenn Du die Bohnen kurz vor der Zubereitung Deines Kaffees selbst mahlst, deshalb empfehlen wir den Kauf ganzer Bohnen. 
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