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Vegan Protein Powder Almond

Item number: SET-VGPR-MAN
  • Your BIO plant protein shake with taste 
  • Made from BIO rice protein and BIO pea protein (70:30) + BIO almond paste
  • Vegan whey protein substitute 
  • 1kg BIO Vegan Protein Powder - 500g BIO Almond Puree

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Product information "Vegan Protein Powder Almond" BIO Vegan Protein Mix with BIO Almond Puree

You only put almond puree just on your porridge? Then you don't know this mixture yet: Your vegan protein powder with taste. And exactly to your taste, because with this mixture you can mix your vegan protein powder as you like it. We recommend 300 ml of plant milk, 1-2 tablespoons BIO almond paste and 20 g BIO vegan protein powder in a blender and mix well. You already have the perfect 100% vegan protein shake with taste. For the very sweet we recommend adding a tablespoon of the calorie-free sugar substitute BIO Erythritol. 

Why mix BIO Vegan Protein Powder with BIO Almond Puree?

Vegetable proteins are very neutral in taste and since at everything is 100% natural and without additives, we have also added no artificial flavors to our protein powders. But so that the workout really tastes like a reward, there is now our BIO Vegan Powder with almond paste, so that your protein shake tastes like almonds and all natural. Because our BIO almond paste also consists of 100% ground almonds, without flavor enhancers, palm oil or other additives. Due to the fine consistency of our organic vegan protein powder, it dissolves optimally in protein shakes and our organic almond paste is also finely creamy and does not clump.

Build and maintain muscle with vegan Whey replacement

Our BIO Vegan Protein consists of BIO rice protein and BIO pea protein mixed in a ratio of 70:30. Through this combination, the mix has a perfect amino acid profile, whereby the body can optimally absorb the proteins. So pure protein! Exactly 90.3 g/100 g of protein in our organic rice protein and 80 g/100 g of protein can be found in our organic pea protein. 

BIO Rice Protein Powder and BIO Pea Protein Powder

The BIO rice protein is made entirely from pure BIO rice, gently dried and ground into the finest powder. Just like our organic pea protein powder, which is made from organic peas. One hundred percent raw food quality without additives.

Vegan Protein Powder & Compatibility

You don't like animal protein sources in your shaker? Neither do we, and that's a good thing, because vegetable proteins can keep up with animal proteins. In addition, they are also more compatible than Whey proteins, because they are suitable for allergy sufferers who do not tolerate gluten or lactose. However, in order to adequately keep up with animal proteins, it is recommended to combine vegetable protein sources in order to achieve an optimal amino acid profile. Amino acids form the basic building blocks of all proteins and they are needed for important bodily functions such as the growth of muscles and for various metabolic processes. The BIO Vegan Protein Mix has an optimal amino acid profile due to the combination of BIO rice protein and BIO pea protein. 


  • 100% vegan & 100% natural
  • Without additives like palm oil, sugar or flavor enhancers
  • Without preservatives
  • ATTENTION: Almonds can cause an allergic reaction in case of nut allergy.

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